J.M. Field Marketing is your complete, one-stop shop for fulfillment services in Miami. We provide a lengthy list of fulfillment services in Miami, including pick and pack, kitting, catalog fulfillment and direct marketing fulfillment. Choosing the right warehouse for fulfillment services can be time-consuming. You have to consider the aspects that the facility offers, including turnaround time, customer service, returns management procedure, as well as prices. Additionally, you should take into consideration the amount of volume the warehouse can handle, the types of goods it takes and the location of the facility. We provide fulfillment services in Miami which is ideal because we are close to major airports and shipping hubs like Port of Miami and Miami International Airport. We provide over 205,000 square feet of storage space throughout the country so no matter the volume you need to store, we can take it. We are a fulfillment services company that can meet all of your daily logistic management needs. We are flexible with changing order needs because of our intelligent inventory management system, All In View, and our trained team of professionals. You do not need to look any further if you are in need of fulfillment services in Miami.

You Can Count on Fulfillment Services in Miami

South Florida is a major national and international transportation hub. We are in close vicinity to the Port of Miami, Port Everglades, Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. It is ideal then that we offer fulfillment services in Miami because of shipping costs. Most of the population lives east of the Mississippi River so your costs will be reduced when shipping with us. We offer superb turnaround time and follow all regulations in regard to order processing. Location can also affect your turn around time

Secure Storage and Shipping

One of the best features of a fulfillment warehouse is the space and secure storage it provides. You can rest assured knowing that your product is being securely stored and shipped while incurring no damages. You can store a surplus of your inventory with us and we will ship every product the same day. J.M. Field Marketing has years of experience with warehouse fulfillment services in Miami. We receive, organize and track your inventory from first shipment to its delivery to the customer with our comprehensive All In View inventory management system. Give up the time that you would normally spend boxing orders, tracking inventory, and dealing with returns. This is valuable productivity time lost that could be spent fine tuning your crafts. And by allowing J.M. Field Marketing to fulfill all your fulfillment needs, you can increase your employees’ productivity.

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